About 自我介紹

Croquidien是法文croquer (素描) 和 quotidien (每天) 組合起來的自造字。好多年前,我還喜歡隨身帶著空白筆記本隨時素描記錄下生活中的大小事,有一次在巴黎看到一個藝術大學學生的日常素描作品,作品名稱就是 Croquidien。所以這個小地方的名字靈感,就是由此偷來。吃煮、攝影、畫畫兒、日常片段紀念….這些就是我的日常速寫。希望能隨自己心變得越寬廣,越寫越多,越寫越好。

Croquidien = Croquer (sketch) + quotidien (everyday life)

And thus, the sketch of my everyday life. I stole the idea from an art student when I learned he was passionate about using his sketchbook to record the little things in his everyday life, just as I did at the time. The compilation of his sketches was titled, Croquidien. Here, I’ll try sketching down the food I cook, the drawings I do, photos I take, moments I want to remember…… those little things that touch me in my ordinary everyday life.


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