February 29, 2016


A trip to Guatemala

It’s been nearly a month since I returned from the business trip to Guatemala. I’ve wanted to write down something but the chaos at work, months of sickness and depressed feeling from time to time have held me back from sitting down to think with a peace of mind.

There were too many shitty stuff during the trip. So many that I even made a list, a very long one. A way to record and to leave things behind. A self healing process, ha!

But looking on the bright side, as we always have to so we can move on strong, I want to note down things I was and still am extremely grateful for.

The opportunity to participate in the planning and importation of this trip. Though there were so many nights and midnight of inefficient work and sickness and horrible coughing in front of my laptop, I did enjoy doing them. (just hoped I was in a healthy condition, as I usually were) I had the chance to be in a role with tasks that were different from my usually tedious ones, contacting colleagues from other countries, learning more about our work and actually getting to visit those people we serve. And also very important is that, I got to return to Latin America so soon after that marvelous and dreamy trip to Peru!

I love most people on my team! I am extremely thankful for the writer. She has taught me so much, both about our work and also people stuff that is crucial to surviving this mission. She is indeed a very capable colleague, reliable and with a good heart. I was very lucky to have worked with her. I also love our filming crew: the director, his assistant, two volunteer photographers. They were just nice and lovely people! Hope we had more people like them on the team. But I guess that was just lucky enough.

Victor, our Spanish-Chinese interpreter is another person I was lucky to have during this trip. This kid, just granulating from university and starting his overseas military services for three months, was a great support. Without his help, interpretation from Spanish into English and then into Chinese would simply be too long and tedious. And more importantly, he is such a great kid! Hope he will be successful in whatever he does.

The Guatemala team! Very nice people! Though their style and standards at work might not be consistent with us, they were indeed nice people. Sometimes I wished I was on their team… And I regretted often how my anxiety and fear might affect them. So to thank them for their support, I sent some of them small gifts to show my gratitude. Hope they will know how appreciated as well as sorry I am….

As for the list of all the shitty stuff….I will safely keep it somewhere private….. Let’s move on, but never forget what happened…..

螢幕快照 2016-02-28 下午3.09.10




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  1. A-Lu Says:

    You really did a great job my dear 🙂 love your sharing!

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