May 25, 2011

the memorable days of our lives

∣ notes: the motorcycle diary∣


Watching the Motorcycle Diary, again almost eight years later, and how differently yet, at the same time, conflictingly similar I feel.

Seething through the passage of time, the faded memory of this film boils down, little by little, to an impression of the grandeur of nature, vague trace of Che’s vision and, travelling.

Travelling. Viaje. Voyage.

My memory of travelling around Europe (yes, how I wish I can substitute this word with the other one beginning with “w”), was one millionth of their ambitious traversing through the south of America. Yet, there do exist things that echo to their more grandiose version. The exciting planning, of course. The start. The smiling faces yet to be frustrated. The middle, the part that never seems to end. Dirtiness. Tireness. Various anxieties of the threatening weather, the ever-lasting walk to the destination not in sight, and the about-to-be-collapsing body. The uncertainty of travelling: where to next, what to do now, things 50 percent of the time out of control. In a nutshell, the unattractive and often ignored side of a journey.

But I’m definitely not saying I regret any of them. I suffered sometimes, hated them sometimes, but always always I knew they’ll be the most memorable part. And I’ll cherish them all.

I can’t explain well. I’m not saying it’s better. But once having done this, I’m addicted. As if one exploration. It’s not really what one sees, but how one’s eyes have been opened. You witness lives exist elsewhere, in probably different forms, and they also work. 

And how young we were at the time when the film was released? How many things have been buried throughout the years?

This is a good reminder.


2 Responses to “”

  1. wadegerrard Says:

    i haven’t been able to travel around europe. but i’m already tired. i want to wake up without alarm clock tomorrow.

    • afryfan Says:

      you’ve still travelled quite a bit, haven’t you?

      (changed your ID?)

      i feel that you’re tired. have some rest when you can. do nothing. idle around. talk to us.

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