May 8, 2011

This is the best ending one can ever expect.


 ∣20110309: Frioul, Marseille∣

A dot with the soothing glow of sunshine. There is the sun I craved for so many months and had felt, from time to time, the last warmth was so long and far away that I could hardly remember. It was fleeing from my fingertips. No longer do I need to wear “tights” under my pants or my extremely heavy and not-so-charming-looking jacket.

I am sitting at the rocky cliff of the island just outside Marseille. There are seagulls cawing and the waves beating rhythmically against the shore, with the gentle rhythm of mother nature.

And I am writing to you. My dear family and friends that, finally, I can meet once again. And, also, friends I don’t know when I can see ever again.

The extended journey “to the west,” out of expectation, has turned out to be such an adventure.

The deep blue waves beat against the white rocks, rolling inshore and rolling in my heart something I feel so intense yet can’t point out and describe.

I shall miss it all very much.


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