April 24, 2011

mourn for a simpler life


The internet was off again most of the morning, as usual. You get what you pay for. Not a good timing when I struggled to work and tried to submit the job by the end of the day.

But while I submissively waited for the re-connection with the world, life seemed more focused. I was devoted to the job at hand, without the constant interruption of checking my mailbox, facebook comments, flickr contact photos, blog comments, news on the portal site or articles of friends on the bbs.

I arranged the house a bit. I watched TV at lunch, and read a bit before resuming to my work.

I think about the days in the middle of nowhere a lot. Anxiety prevailed when we didn’t have internet connection or even cellphone coverage. When I got stuck there, I missed a lot the simple daily constant check of mailboxes.

Now returning to the modern world, the anxiety stays. Just a different sort. The flood of information simply inundates life and rises over my head. We (or maybe just me) struggle to survive instead of feeling the sometimes sweet rhythms of life.

13.42: Return of the slow speed connection. End of spiritual thought.


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