April 7, 2011

∣ 20110224: Plan de la Tour, France ∣


The 20th day and the best day since my arrival in France.

I was surprisingly energetic, working nonstop from 7.30 in the morning through 9.00 in the evening. I helped made the bread. I fed the chickens. I prepared new soil. I planted new seed of Fenouil Romanesco. I prepared lunch, barely satisfying, for seven. I studied. I cleaned new eggs. I collected more eggs. I moved the heater to our little caravan. I studied again a bit. I prepared dinner, for two only. I learned new recipe. I washed the dishes. I dined. I closed the doors of the poultry house. And I talked in french, my poor french, the whole day.

Energetic might not be the suitable word here. Restless will do better. I was restless from being sick for too long. The recovery came a bit late. But it was here anyway, eventually.

Sickness in such unpleasantly cold weather was like a bad dream. I struggled, with vague consciousness and fading willpower, and tried in vain to toss and turn. I couldn’t wake up. C’est dur.


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