April 1, 2011

The day I left the tulip kingdom


The weather was outrageously terrible. After a numbing two months of cold and snow, I almost forgot the typically hateful Dutch winds. Dreadfully torturous winds. I was leaving Holland on a typically terrible Dutch day. I watched bikers forced to jump down from the bikes or simply fell at the “deadly corner,” dreading about going out. It wasn’t the ideal day to pass the one last day here. In addition to the cozy and CALM bagel shop, we spent the afternoon biking against the wind succeeding barely, screaming and hearing others scream as all of us kept being blowed to roadsides.

I never experienced such life of constantly crazy, mad and controless winds. At one moment, I felt like swimming hopelessly against flows of rushing waters. It was the first time I felt the air was not to facilitate my existence, but to suffocate me.
But it would nevertheless be one memorable day, the dramatic ending of this leg of the journey.

And it will be memorable also because of your love.

I had countless great time in this house of very thin walls: cooking, eating, talking, sharing, laughing and having fun time together. I will miss the rooms, our kitchen, the living room and the big Dutch window I spent so much time brooding, observing, daydreaming and trancing off.

I’ll sure miss them very much.


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