February 4, 2011






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  1. Cent Says:


  2. Valeria Says:

    嗯,可見老闆娘有賺飽,現在要下鄉long-stay了。 XDD

    好好玩吧,人到台灣時要吼大聲一點,我們可以組親友團去接機~ XDDD


  3. Cent Says:

    Go for experience country life~
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  4. Valeria Says:


    Since the Owner is going to begin her long-stay, we can assume that her shop has made great profits in the past year.

    Hope you have a wonderful time!! And do holler when you get back home. We can organize a “welcoming party” and pick you up at the airport. XDD

    And of course, Happy Lunar New Year!! 😉

    • afryfan Says:

      Hey, thanx for the translation

      i am profiting a lot, though not in terms of money…

      thanx, i will sure try to have as much fun as i can
      and thanks for the offer. that will sure make me feel like a superstar at the airport ha
      i hope u r having a great time for the vacation and happy new year to u too!!

      • Valeria Says:

        Hey there~

        I got your postcard yesterday…when I was looking in my drawer for some printing paper XD

        Thanks! And it’s great to read Turkish again~ ;P

  5. dada Says:

    oh dear
    are u in France now for wwoof?
    hope everything will be all right

    I surfer the seriously typhoon in Australia
    it’s a amazing experience
    I will tell u next time, haha

    • afryfan Says:

      yes u r right
      and i got ur message but just cant read it in chinese

      things are alright in a sense

      oh my i hope u r ok now
      plz take care of urself
      miss u a lot
      try write me when u get a chance

      and when r u going back home?

  6. amiken Says:

    When will you back?
    Are u still in France?

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