January 17, 2011

All The Love I Had In Sultandağı
∣My Turkish Family∣



I don’t remember ever meeting warmer people. The Keskin family took me as one of them. I was part of their everyday life. They shared with me without holding back as if they had long known me. I felt like home. I was the fourth daughter of the house.

Emine having haircut


Alev choosing engagement dress


I still remember every detail of the house. The cozy bed. The warm stove. The very comfortable Turkish carpet. The moving light coming through the front door that would, later in the day, poured generously all over the house. The often-turned-on TV with the crime show and match-making programme. The great food. Elif Teyze’s busy footsteps around the house. Your hugging together. The way we sit comfortably around the living room. Time we spent together eating, talking, laughing and resting as if I had always been part of the house. I remember them. And I miss them.

We had Turkish tea together


It was a lot of love for someone who just came into your life so shortly for two weeks. Thank you. I felt and still feel it with all your warmth.


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