January 5, 2011

What’s more important than the loved ones?
∣Family Life in Turkey∣




Family life is above everything in Turkey. Relatives live close to each other, reminding me of mine in Kaohsiung. They visit each other almost every day, watching TV together, eating sunflower seeds and enjoying the jumbo plate of fruit in Turkish style. Every time I sat among them, I felt as if I was celebrating Chinese New Year.


Emine has a very intimate family, not shy about expressing love to each other at all. They hug and kiss probably a million times in just one day. Sometimes I would just sit there and watch them holding each other in their arms, basking in the winter sun. I am sure this would be the most moving moment in my Turkish memory.

Emine 阿嬤



6 Responses to “”

  1. mel Says:

    亞洲好像除了東亞儒教圈的人 家庭關係都很緊密。

  2. dada Says:

    默默的掉了眼淚 為什麼我這麼感性阿

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