January 2, 2011





希望沒有辜負Frankfurt Allee的盛情招待。如果能在頭腦更清醒的時候認識你們就好了。


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  1. Valeria Says:

    Sounds like you had a freezing yet unforgettable trip. I remember freezing til I (nearly) lost all ability think to Heidelberg…XD But looking back, it was worth it~

    Ah, well, Taiwan is freezing cold now anyway, and mind you, we don’t have heaters in the houses! XD

    Happy new year!!

    • Valeria Says:

      oops, that was “…think ‘in’ Heidelburg”.

      It’s too cold here!! XD

      • afryfan Says:

        ha i understand perfectly how weather can affect people~~

        yes, it’ll definitely be a memory i’ll never forget….still, i can stand 0 to minus single digit temperature. but minus 17!!!!!! i was not myself at all!!! (or i should say, the worst of me….)

  2. mel Says:


  3. dada Says:


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