December 11, 2010


∣ notes update ∣

Rain fell the whole day. Drizzle started the morning, and pouring rain ensued, through the night. Bad luck for the tired travellers. But one thing you learn in the bad-weather-round-the-year low land country is being grateful. Carpe diem. Any day without rain and slightly less wind is a good enough happy day.

That one Sunday, we managed to catch a break without rain and rode all the way to the cold cold Catwijk beach with temperature about six degrees celsius. It’s hard to say if it was worth it. Mentality counts. We smile when the sun smiles. If not, we complain a bit, shrug it off and move on. There always are sh–ty things in life, and whatever gets in the way, in the end we move on.

We walked on, water over our boots and licking our feet. Make a turn. In the insignificant alley, we arrived, the temporary shelter for the soaking wet travellers. And there he was, the beautiful David in his all magnificent presence.


the slightly rocking ride

On the sleepy one hour journey to Firenze, tiredness reined. There seemed to exist no other world than the seemingly everlasting exhaustion in our heads. At one moment, as if feeling something, I opened the heavy lids of my eyes. And through the dirty old train window, I saw Firenze in a dream.


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