December 10, 2010

I like this country the minute I stepped down in the airport.

∣ notes update: Roma, Italia ∣

There’s joy in the air. By air, I mean it, literally. I haven’t felt this warmth for many many weeks. I adore the trees as well. They are naked all the way down, not because of the cold but the warmth. They only wear little patches of green fury hats on top, as if for decoration’s sake only.

 It is bizarre. The metro is old and dirty, the traffic crazy, buildings ill maintained, but I like it all the same. You feel instantly the difference here from the nice yet politely aloof Dutch people. No offence, but I think I feel more at ease with people raised in sun-basking lands.

The city has a lot to offer. So much I can boldly say it surpasses just a good tourism location. Roman dwellers are born the neighbors of hundreds and thousands of years of cultural heritage. Stretch your head, the Colosseum is across the street. Pass the next corner and the Pantheon is standing magnificently ahead.

Everything’s so grand, but not for the sake of shere city promotion. It’s the ancient vanity and ambition which have become the pride of the country. Everywhere I visit, I climb, I hold my head up. And I get stunned. Looking down at the 100th plaza from the stairs of floors high, I feel I can understand the inborn pride of this people. How can you not? They make you so small both physically and historically. Here I learn the charm of architecture.


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    義力利真的很美 我也愛

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