December 8, 2010

I missed cooking in our own kitchen.


Yes, I am back, finally.



And I got them all. Thanks!!!


13 Responses to “”

  1. mel Says:

    why is it always about food.

  2. amiken Says:

    妳去哪了? 我整個沒跟上進度耶XD

  3. Valeria Says:

    Where have you been??

    • afryfan Says:

      ha as i replied in the other comment. very exhausted……there were moments i just wanted to be in my own room and cook myself without paying for very expensive restaurant food!

  4. Valeria Says:

    Oh wow~

    I just had a get-together with the other “Leideners” (a.k.a. people who went to Leiden for exchange & Dutch students that are currently in TW), and we all miss NL/Europe so much!!

    • afryfan Says:

      oh, i dont know they have gathering like that!? so nice!! i am sure you must miss very much. even though the weather isnt so nice now, i enjoy my time here a lot^^ (how’s school btw?)

      • Valeria Says:

        When you come back I’ll add you onto the mailing list, welcome to “the Leideners”!

        School? Well, in a nutshell, same old, same old: so much to learn/study, so little time to practise. 😉

      • afryfan Says:

        wow, que cool!!
        i hope you’re all doing fine with the school work!!

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