November 20, 2010

I couldn’t sleep.

The soreness of my soles was so real. Under the quilt, every single toe screamed like crazy over the weight of the whole body during the daytime. Ten of them squeezed into the uneven high-heeled cage. Women’s trendy prison. Even so, I felt excitement churning in me. Here. There. Here.

The work was a lot of fun. I got to practice things other than the shere skill of languages: how to smilingly disguise the tactic discussion in Taiwanese in the presence of clients; how to interpret the alien languages by reading facial expressions, our common language, which (please take note) reveal only few percentages of truth in the business arena. The importance of languages. And there was the stimulation, freeing of the mind. About life, about choice, about identity, about priority. About the tiny little window through which the world we see. The audacity to pursue.

So what’s the next move? Yes, some more thinking to do.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Valeria Says:

    Ah, the curse of highheels…
    Can´t work without them, can´t wait to get out of them XD

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