November 8, 2010

Out of focus

and loss of control.

Finally, the coffee shop adventure.

It is advised the spacecake and the joint not to be consumed together. We did read the description, but only after having halfway shared the cake and the joint. I wasn’t sure if I smoked right. I kept exhaling the smoky air out of my nose, not my mouth. But I can say the cake was indeed a tricky drug. You can actually have it mouthful after mouthful, without stop. We felt nothing. I felt nothing.

Little did I know the effect only manifested itself hours later.

Even now the way home on my bike that day seems to me like a dreamy journey. How did we get home anyway? I went into the supermarket thrice and still couldn’t remember all the groceries on my list. Listening to people was no difficulty. Two-way conversation, however, was a bit challenging. I remember perfectly my conversation with Isa, but at the time simply found it hard to process the incoming info logically. And hunger, was another side effect. That evening, my dinner was twice as big as the usual amount.


10 Responses to “”

  1. amiken Says:

    是大麻嗎? 嘻嘻~

  2. amiken Says:




    • afryfan Says:



  3. mel Says:

    does spacecake mean it takes your mind to the outerspace?

  4. Lu Says:

    好酷好酷! 你吃大麻蛋糕嗎?

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