October 19, 2010

The minute I got home
from the freezing cold Sweden and Denmark,

 there they are.

Thanks. You made me very happy. Now I feel very much home after the long tiring journey.


And I couldn’t wait but start cooking. I miss decent food.



Finally, I cooked the expensive dried Chinese mushrooms mom sent me a few weeks ago. God, they’re delicious.

Tofu Challenge
# 3 Braised Tofu (紅燒豆腐)



And yes, the only souvenir I got for myself after travelling all the way to Northern Europe is a pair of chopsticks.

Also, further evidence of how mad I was:
meal before departure (cooking while packing like crazy)
lunch box


One Response to “”

  1. Old Man Says:

    Hey Gina,

    Long time no see.
    How’ve u been?

    Are u still in Holland?
    Or Turkey? or somewhere else?

    I sent u a mail few months ago,
    but I am not sure whether u got.
    Caz, I didn’t get any response.

    That is not necessary as long as u are living ur life good.

    Just wonder where you are and let me know your mailing address, if it is possible.
    I would like to send u sth…

    you know my email address…
    looking forward hearing from u.


    Old Man

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