October 11, 2010

This post is a solid evidence


that I’ve practically given up my exam.

So I took my time, enjoyed the rare warmth of the sun in the chilly autumn, and cooked myself the first fish since I landed the kingdom of tulips and mayonnaise french fries.

And also, tried for the second time Leah’s great recipe of Chinese cabbage (Bok Coy) + mushrooms! Miam miam.

Emine said I looked like I was having an expensive meal in a restaurant. I tried. I tried to make myself at home. I think about you guys and I tried as often as possible to cook myself the quick meal we would usually have in any regular restaurant after class.

my first coke drumsticks + Chef Carla’s coconut curry tofu


and the ensuing frying spree

Bon appetit.


The Apprentice Note:
Chef Carla’s tomato rice + cabbage with dried shrimp



14 Responses to “”

  1. Carlota Says:

    I love being Chef Carla =) Thank you ****

  2. amiken Says:


  3. Valeria Says:

    I like the coconut curry!

    And I must say, your food look much better than my work when I was in the Netherlands! XD

    You take care. 🙂

  4. Joy Says:


    • afryfan Says:



  5. Joy Says:

    好吧,我的smoky mountains馬上遜掉了…。我有一周秋假,3天去郊外玩,1天逛街看電影,1天休息作飯,2天唸書。

    • afryfan Says:


      我想Smoky Mountains應該很舒服吧(離你那近嗎?),看起來太陽很棒。北歐超冷的。我希望再也不要去瑞典了,ㄋㄥˇ死我。

  6. Joy Says:

    開車3-4小時 天氣很好喔。我已經開學啦,累…你新放的照片是乖乖嗎?怎麼那麼大?是甚麼東西???

    • afryfan Says:



  7. Joy Says:


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