September 28, 2010

After killing a bunch of pink roses and lovely blue hydrangea, I started to suspect it’s something in my gene.

Maybe I have the unconscious knack of killing plants just as how dad, though with great care, manages to turn his fish belly up all the time.

This is a big setback on the way towards a whole new life.

I kept the dying and later completely dead hydrangea on the coffee table. I watched their gloomy silhouette against the afternoon sun. I had them beside the bed. I was hoping, somehow, to see some green again out of their dark crumbly bodies as I opened my eyes every morning.

Now I think just a bit of practice will do the trick.

Carla gave me a new flower pot (which we have no idea what it is), my third, and I have kept the flowers alive for more than a week. It might sound a bit ridiculous, but I am very proud of myself. (Please walk in the shoes of someone who have been killing madly without any effort.)

Boa Sorte. (which means good luck in Portuguese)

I am learning some Portuguese little by little. Bom dia. Obrigado. Fofinho. Como estas? Baza. Baza. And I am learning from my dear Portuguese friend every day.

I am having a fun time learning Portuguese cuisine. I like teasing deers in the wonderful park near our apartment. I enjoy being spontaneous and riding all the way in the cold autumn wind to get an ice cream at 10 in the evening. And I love eating together, in our little family style restaurant.



11 Responses to “”

  1. Cent Says:

    這個鹿看起來好可愛!!但會不會咬人阿 orz

    • afryfan Says:



  2. amiken Says:

    I am a greenkiller,too.
    哈哈 可以這樣說嗎? 因為不是green finger啊~

  3. Carlota Says:

    This flowers will survive!!!! UHHHHUURRUU =)

  4. Carlota Says:

    P.S: you are the best portuguese student ever! Love you!

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