September 13, 2010

It’s raining frickin hard outside.

But luckily, we managed to grab the last bit of the rare nice weather and visited Amsterdam.

Not everyone’s as lucky as I was, though. I had my personal Portuguese tour guide to show me around the wonderful city. And for free, too, ha ha!

According to the professional tour guide, Ms Carla Natário, most buildings in Amsterdam were tilted due to old age and the construction over water. Houses bending dangerously to different directions spread all across the capital. Many of them looked somehow uneven in formation, distorted, as if they were dried after hundreds of years of soaking in water. So unrealistic, they seemed. Stepping in the city, and you have the illusion of stepping into a dreamy fairy tale.

We visited the famous Van Gogh Museum, but most of the time, just roamed around the city. We lingered at the open-air market. Saw beautiful handmade gloves, my dream leather bag and some wonderful designer jewelry.

The China Town was a bit different from the ones I’ve been to. Slightly more delicate. Effect of the ancient buildings, I guess. But anyhow, as usual, it didn’t resemble anything home.

Also, the red-light district, of course. Nothing too surprising, to tell the truth. I was only a bit surprised how they and their customers negotiated comfortably with all the tourists coming and passing. The only annoying part was the bunch of overjoyed men. Their loud chanting  still lingers in my head.


But anyways, that was yesterday.

I have no idea how people survive in this country. I thought the weather we have at home sometimes is terrible enough. I was wrong. What we have at home, is heaven. I kind of miss the scorching sun just a few weeks back.

Here, darkness comes earlier day by day. The Kingdom of tulips is resuming its usual gloom. The nice lovely weather is, again, fading away, fleeing quickly like the morning dream.


16 Responses to “”

  1. mel Says:

    did u get the bag.

    • Cecelia Says:

      i love leather bag too but never have one. QQ

    • afryfan Says:

      no, spent too much money in just three weeks. but will definitely get one next time!!!!! (yellow leather bag!!!)

      • Cecelia Says:

        沒看到適合的話就不要買沒差,但絕對不要特別找,just randomly.

  2. ginagogo Says:


  3. mel Says:

    我也要 我要棕色的呵呵

  4. afryfan Says:



  5. mel Says:


  6. afryfan Says:


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