September 10, 2010


Today is my first-ever Ramadan Festival.


According to my lovely Turkish roommate, Emine, this year Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, starts from about mid August to 8th September. Muslims do not eat till it gets dark throughout this whole month. And on the third day before the Ramadan ends, you can make a wish as this is the day when angels descend to Earth.

The fasting month ended yesterday and today we’re welcoming the Ramadan Festival. That’s why Emine is treating us with gummy bears as it is their tradition to visit relatives and friends on this special day while eating lots of sweets!!

Actually, I think this is quite similar to our tradition during the Chinese New Year, when people often prepare a plate of candy and chocolate for guests.

To tell the truth, I had a terrible day, actually. I couldn’t withdraw money with my HSBC bank card and the contact person at Leiden said she had no clue at all about my scholarship. (shxt!) Thank god now I’ve finally got everything settled (except for my expensive textbook, though).

But the best comfort, as always, was to cook. I love cooking. I feel calm when I cook.

I also love having delicious meal with my lovely roommates!

I tried braised tofu (紅燒豆腐) for lunch. It came out pretty well. (感謝阿基師) I LOVE TOFU! I’ll keep trying other and creating my own tofu recipes. What a shame mel chang won’t be able to join me with my tofu adventure.

Emine cooked, in her own style as she always does, some turkish dish. It was super delicious and very easy to prepare.

And,  last but not the least, our doctor Hu finally cooked something other than fish. After lying in the big drawer for over half a month, her electric rice cooker finally cooked us some Thai rice.



6 Responses to “”

  1. Carlota Says:

    I love Ramadam! And a big applauso for Wendy! hihi =)

  2. mel Says:

    U sound like wiki in the first paragraph. haha.

  3. amiken Says:

    我家伊卡也是一個月不吃飯只吃晚餐 因為她怕神
    但她說樓下的印傭因為不怕神 所以照吃XD


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